Début du module 9/04/2024
Date limite d'inscription 4/04/2024
Lieu Campus St Charles, room 7-206
Observations This module is part of the « Data Science for Research - CEDRE Program », identified on the course title. The cycle consists of four modules:

- Module 1: Provides an overview of the Python language and its application to data analysis.

- Module 2: Focuses on data pre-processing.

- Module 3: Is dedicated to Machine Learning.

- Module 4: Is dedicated to Deep Learning.

Completion of these modules will enhance your skills in the Python language. You have the flexibility to take the entire course or individual modules based on your current skill level, as outlined in the prerequisites.
Catégorie Compétences propres au métier de chercheur - Formations professionnalisantes
Mots clés Python programming, Scientific libraries, Data
Organisation des sessions
Nombre d'heures : 12
Inscrits : 19
Min participants : 5
Max participants : 18
Public prioritaire : Aucun
Public concerné : Doctorant(e)s
Direction de la Formation Doctorale AMU