Doctoral schools (DS) and the Doctoral College (DC) use the ADUM (Accès Doctorat Unique et Mutualisé) tool as an educational registration support for doctoral candidates and as a management and communication tool with doctoral candidates and thesis directors. ADUM also makes it possible to network doctoral candidates (and doctors) from the same DS. The thesis registration is carried out in two stages:

  • Pedagogical registration with the DS ;
  • Administrative registration with the tuition office in charge of the doctorate.

Registration for the first year of a thesis is made upon acceptance of the candidate's file (cf. thesis application file on the DS website to which the thesis director is affiliated) by the DS director. After acceptance, the doctoral candidate opens an account on the ADUM platform, fills in all the information requested and downloads the application form for enrolment in the first year of the thesis, the individual training agreement and the AMU's doctoral charter. These three documents must then be dated and signed by the doctoral candidate, his or her thesis director(s), the director of the host research laboratory or team and the director of the DS. The doctoral candidate, provided with these three documents, must then make an appointment with the tuition office in charge of the doctorate to proceed with his/her administrative registration. The freshman doctoral candidate must also read the internal regulations of the DS to which he/she is affiliated.

Doctoral registration must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year.