The objective of the welcome day for new doctoral candidates is to introduce them to doctoral education, its regulatory framework, its environment, its requirements and expectations as well as the policy and organization of doctoral education at Aix-Marseille Université.

The day is highlighted by several interventions whose sequence is given below:

9h-9h45 : Introduction by the director of the Doctoral College, presentation of the general framework of the doctoral education and doctorate as professional experience.

9h45 -12h30 : Knowledge of the University (its structures, staff status ...) and job of the doctoral candidate in his/her lab.

12h30-13h : DynAMU, doctoral candidates Association.

13h-14h : buffet

Après-midi : 14h -17h : Support services for doctoral candidates and services offered

14h-14h45 : Organization of the doctoral education at AMU by the Administrative Director of the Doctoral Education Directorate

14h45-15h : Directorate of Rechearch and Valorization

15h-15h15 : Directorate of Human Ressources

15h15-15h30 : Joint Documentation Service

15h30-15h45 :  Break

15h45-16h : International Relations Directorate

16h-16h15 : Role and functioning of a Doctoral School (DS), testimony from a DS assistant 16h15-17h : Presentation of the catalogue of transversal training programmes offered by the doctoral education directorate to doctoral candidate.