For non French speakers : After (and/or during) your PhD : conducting research at European Level


This training will present the European Research Area, the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. It will detail the existing resources and tools to support Researchers in their mobility (Post Doc mainly, PhD)
This training will also introduce the Horizon 2020 programme, especially the opportunities offered by the Marie Skolovska Curie programme (European and International Individual Fellowships) and the Excellence Programme funded by the European Research Council (ERC), detailing the needed competences of such funding: ethics, innovation training, entrepreneurship, communication and dissemination activities…
Finally, this training will give advice to the PhD and Post-Doc of AMU to find opportunities after their thesis, at the European level mostly, especially to submit individual Marie Skolovska Curie projects for Post-Doc.


The European Research Area is today a reality for all researchers. It has been designed to help researchers to ease their mobility within Europe and to find a job during and after their PhD. Further, one who plans to work in the public or private research sector will eventually submit projects under competitive calls for proposals, also in the frame of the Horizon 2020 framework programme, the best ever funded framework programme to support research and innovation internationally.

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To be interested in spending part of his/her PhD abroad, to prepare a Post- Doc in another country and/or to learn more about the opportunities offered by the European Commission to finance collaborative research projects.
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Campus St Charles, building 7, room CH05

Be careful ! This training is centered on Post-Doc opportunities, supported at the European level !... However, advice for PhDs could also be given, depending on the audience.

You should come with a labtop.
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Post-Doc - PhD - Europe - Funding - Advise to submit porposals
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  • 29-11-2017
    9h à 13h
    Séance n° 1
    Intervenant : Céline DAMON
    Lieu : Marseille, Campus St Charles, building 7, room CH05
    Intitulé du cours : After (andor during) your PhD : conducting research at European Level
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